Call: Reality and process

Xavier Zubiri Foundation, University of Stockholm, Central University of Venezuela and the Center of Science and Faith of Spain invite to participate in the transdisciplinary seminar streaming «Reality and process». A través de una metodología precisa y rigurosa, investigadores de diversos continentes dialogarán en torno a temas propios de la metafísica del proceso, tales como el devenir, el espacio, el tiempo, la vida, entre otros. Su objetivo es tratar transdisciplinariamente el problema del dinamismo de la realidad. Para ello, se servirán de leer, revisar y debatir el libro Dynamic structure of reality, written by the Spanish philosopher Xavier Zubiri, within the general framework of the Process Philosophies (classical and contemporary) and in updated dialogue with current science.

Cross-topics (among others):

  •  Philosophy: Metaphysics, Process Philosophies, Structuralism, Materialistic Monism, Structural Realism, Philosophical Reology, Philosophy of Mind, Nature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Social Philosophy.
  • Natural science: Electromagnetism, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Genetics, Evolutionary, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Ecology, Ethology, Systemic, Neurosciences, Physical Anthropology. 
  • Human sciences: Cultural Anthropology, Hermeneutics, Sociology, History, Natural Theology.

Directed to: Undergraduate or postgraduate researchers in areas such as philosophy, physical and biological sciences, natural theology, etc. (No specific prior knowledge of the work in question or its author is required).

The call closes on September 1st , 2020.

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