Courses and seminars

The XZF offers both face-to-face and distance learning courses and seminars throughout the year, covering a wide range of subjects from metaphysics, through the philosophy of religion, science and socio-politics, to bioethics. The following is a list of the current offerings:

Courses starting in February 2021:

Face-to-face + virtual:



Autumn 2020 (October-November):

Important, COVID-19: For the classroom courses, most of which start in February 2021, the recommended hygiene and social distance will be respected. Likewise, and for the convenience and safety of the user, the sessions of these classroom courses will be recorded on audiovisual and one day after each one will be uploaded to the Virtual Campus of the XZF. Only the students registered in each course will have access to these classrooms. In case of confinement, the classroom courses will be changed entirely to onlinewhich will consist of a hybrid of face-to-face sessions retransmitted in audiovisual format and complemented by streaming sessions (live and in real time) so that students and teacher can interact in real time giving the possibility for the necessary discussions.