Reasons of the heart

Reasons of the heart
Primer curso: Éros and Agápe
Curso presencial

Introduction: These are two courses in the same cycle: the first Éros y Agápe in 2021, the second Love and values in 2022. Although it is desirable to follow the entire cycle, each course can be taken independently. Each course will consist of 12 lessons. We will analyze the vicissitudes of the philosophical reflection on that so primary and important phenomenon in the life of all human beings, as it is the one of love. We will see that from its very origins in Greece, philosophy has conceptualized it as an appetite and desire for perfection, and how in different moments of history, but especially in the 20th century, attention has been called to the fact that an interested love cannot be considered pure love or true love. From there, we will study the radical change of values generated by the idea of pure or disinterested love and the transformation it produces in people.

  • 3 de Febrero: Lógica de la mente, lógica del corazón
  • 10 de Febrero: Oriente y Occidente
  • 17 Febrero: En los orígenes de la cultura occidental
  • 24 Febrero: Éros and epithymía: el amor como tendencia natural y deseo
  • 3 Marzo: The Banquete de Platón
  • 10 Marzo: Aristóteles
  • 17 Marzo: Estoicismo
  • 24 Marzo: of agápe como apetito a la agápe como don
  • 7 Abril: La religiosidad de la agápe
  • 14 Abril:  La “paradoja de la recompensa”
  • 28 Abril: Del indicativo del amor al imperativo moral
  • 5 Mayo: Éros and agápe en el neoplatonismo

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Inicio: 3 de febrero de 2021.

Horario: Miércoles de 18hrs. a 19:30hrs.

Cost: 300 euros (general) y 150 euros (estudiantes, profesores en activo y jubilados).