Text Analysis Seminar

Introduction: The Text Analysis Seminar was created in October 1994 due to the enormous demand for the Xavier Zubiri Research Seminar. This led to two different working methodologies. While the Research Seminar presents the research of the different specialists in Zubiri, the Text Analysis Seminar focuses on the continued study of a specific work by the author. This methodology, with monthly meetings, gives this Seminar the possibility to focus more directly on Zubiri's discourse, and to test the various interpretations of it. For these reasons, the discussions normally acquire an exceptional philosophical level, because Zubiri's text, instead of being interpreted in a venerated way, is the starting point for a repetition of his same philosophical experience, so that in each session the possibility of new intellectual findings is always opened.

Directed by: Diego Gracia.

Directed to: Both people who are getting into the author's thinking for the first time, and Zubiri scholars who want to contrast their interpretations. To participate, it is necessary to contact the Foundation.

Contact: fzubiri@zubiri.net

Next meetings:

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