Reality and process

Introduction: It is a research supergroup organized by the XZF, the University of Stockholm (Sweden), the Research Group Metaphysical Evolutions (Central University of Venezuela) and the Center for Science and Faith (Spain). Through a very precise and rigorous methodology, researchers from different continents dialogue around themes proper to the process metaphysics, such as becoming, space, time, life, among others. Its goal is to treat the problem of the dynamism of reality in a transdisciplinary way. For this, they use the Xavier Zubiri's book Dynamic structure of realityto read, review and debate the topics within the general framework of the Process Philosophies (classical and contemporary) and in updated dialogue with current science. This supergroup is co-organized by Dr. Carlos Sierra-Lechuga (XZF), Dr. Karolina Enquist Källgren (SU), Dr. María Guadalupe Llanes (UCV) and Dr. Manuel David Morales (CCYF).

Currently: Cerrada la convocatoria (del 27 de julio al 1 de septiembre) para formar parte del equipo. El 21 de septiembre se han publicado los resultados del examen de perfiles; si has postulado, revisa tu correo electrónico para enterarte de la respuesta.

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