Advanced Seminar of Practical Cases of Bioethics

Introduction: Tje Advanced Seminar of Practical Cases of Bioethics is led by the bioethicist Diego Gracia Guillén, author of the essential classic Fundamentals of bioethics (Madrid, 1989, 2007, 2008), an international reference in the field. Although the participants are mainly doctors and health professionals with humanist training, the seminar is transdisciplinar and consists of analysing specific cases where bioethical decision-making processes are tested. For this purpose, the deliberative method created by Gracia is used: facts, values, duties.

How does it work? Each session touches on a different topic and therefore a specific case study related to it. Each session is led by one or more speakers. In the latter case, they prepare the session in a coordinated way, distributing the documentation search, the elaboration of the work and, if possible, also the presentation. The speaker or speakers devote a first time to present the facts. Then, a second time to expose the values at stake and, specifically, to find the conflicting values without which there would be no need for deliberation. With these first two steps, courses of action are articulated that conclude in the possible duties. It is in the values and duties that the speaker enters into constructive debate with the other participants, in order to deliberate on the case and seek a practical solution.

What is the program of the topics? There is no structured program a priori. The programme must be drawn up at the beginning of the seminar each year and must reflect the demands of the participants. The programme will determine the theme of each day.


  • As an advanced seminar, its main goal is to provide additional training to people who already have a background in bioethics.
  • The second goal is to serve as an analysis and supervision of the practical activity carried out by the participants, in their respective workplaces, in the field of bioethics.

Directed by: Diego Gracia.

Directed to: Professionals with a previous theoretical background related to ethics and who need to practice the deliberative method, particularly but not exclusively in the health, legal, educational, etc. fields. To participate, it is necessary to contact the Foundation.


Cost: 50 euros.

Next meetings:

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