Zubiri Archive

Consisting of:

  • The Personal library of Zubiri, collected throughout his life, contains an important collection of philosophical, scientific and theological texts, which are very useful in reconstructing the very formation of Zubiri's thought. Search in its database.
  • A Source Library of Philosophy, initiated by Zubiri himself to serve the Xavier Zubiri Research Seminar. This is where a large part of the texts of different researchers all around the world on the Zubirian legacy are stored. Search in its own database.
  • The Xavier Zubiri Archive itself, which contains Zubiri's correspondence, the typed and handwritten transcription of his oral courses, records of his seminars, photographs, personal documents and other texts of interest available to researchers. Look into it.
  • A Publications Archive, with all of Zubiri's published work and with most of the publications on his philosophy. Look in the index zubirianus.
  • The Databese "La soledad sonora", destined to produce an intellectual biography of Xavier Zubiri. The database brings together in CD-ROM format a large body of information about Xavier Zubiri and his philosophy.
  • The Américo Castro Archive, wich includes part of the historian's correspondence and books, which the Foundation has at its disposal as the heir to his daughter, Carmen Castro, Zubiri's widow.

Note: Not all resources are equally available to the public, as they do not all have the same degree of publicity, and in some cases the final arrangement and cataloguing of documents has not yet been completed.

Contact: fzubiri@zubiri.net